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Free Speech Equaliser 9000: Data Harvest

28 September 2020 - 9 October 2020

|  Free Speech Equaliser 9000 by Crab Museum   |   

What is the Free Speech Equaliser 9000?

When exercising your freedom of speech, do you find that other people’s voices overpower your own? Or perhaps your voice drowns out other people’s?

Enter the Free Speech Equaliser 9000, the world’s first communication enhancement system. Using the power of secret algorithms and Crab Museum’s advanced AI system, the Free Speech Equaliser harvests your personal data and uses it to enforce a level social playing field.


1. Fill out the form

2. Exercise your right to free speech in the box provided

3. Await our livestreamed event on 11 October, where we shall broadcast your comments at the correct volume 

4. Rest easy in the knowledge that your free speech has been exercised responsibly


28 September 2020
9 October 2020
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