Inside Out

RL-architects and Reworks Studio: Tam Landells, Tim Ratliff & Chloe Young

Inside Out uses webbing, existing structures and street furniture to create striking views to four corners: the sea, Margate, Fort Crescent and the Promenade. Weaving the fabric between the structures reveals delightful moments and secret spaces. The installation is a chance to (Sight) seek, discover, play and rest. Over the final weekend, the artists hand it over to the public to complete the weave and create their own new spaces.

In addition to the installation, there is a programme of events including music, dance and spoken word performances.

Sounds for Living // Shelter – 17th September
12pm – 8pm

A day of experimental, improvised and newly commissioned soundworks based at, and leading out from, the Fort Hill Shelter, Margate.

At midday take part in a walking/drawing workshop for the (sonically) curious, led by Helen Frosi (Soundfjord, London).

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the locations for the Sounds for Living // Shelter live performances have changed. Come and ask at the Fort Hill Shelter and we’ll give you some more information.

Live Performances start at 2.30pm and include the multi-instrumentalist Robert Stillman, the legendary Steve Beresford with trombonist Sarah Brand, SlapDash- a trio of Krasevec, Leahy and a Double Bass, plus continue on with us to the Margate Arts Club where we present Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno!

For further details, plus registering for the workshop, please check the Sounds for Living page.

‘If the walls could tell their stories’ performance – 23rd September
6pm – 8pm

Spoken word and poetry from Emrys Plant, developed from the hidden stories of Margate collected throughout the festival. Further information on the ‘If the walls could tell their stories’ page.

Talks from RL-a, Reworks Studio and Jo Elbourne – 24th September
6pm – 8pm

All Wrapped Up Workshop – 25th September
11pm – 5pm
Lunch and refreshments 12pm – 2pm

Join artist Jo Elbourne and take part in a large-scale freeform wrapping event at Fort Hill Shelter. You can weave in a declaration of love, make a statement, write a poem, create a new space or form a hidden retreat away from it all. An inclusive, community-focused, interactive event for all ages.

About the Artists

RL-a is run by Tim Ratliff and Tam Landells. RL-a is a small but lively architectural practice working on arts, commercial and domestic buildings. Their work is deeply personal and they invest everything into even the smallest of projects. They celebrate variety – variety gives us all the pleasures in life – and they love craft, workmanship and the pleasure of doing something well.

Reworks Studio is Chloe Young’s architectural practice based at Resort in Cliftonville. The studio is experienced at working closely with both domestic clients and creative businesses to develop and build smart, individual, beautifully crafted interventions, homes, work and play spaces.

With a background in commercial menswear and textile design, Jo Elbourne turned her attention to creating more hands-on woven works in 2014. Initially concentrating on re-working second-hand furniture in a collection called Wood & String, she is now focussing on new seating designs as well as bespoke furniture and art-based commissions. Jo is based at Resort Studios in Cliftonville.

Fort Hill Shelter, Fort Crescent
Margate CT9 1HX England GB
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16th – 25th September From 10am Workshop 25th September 11am - 5pm