Miyuki Kasahara: Waving Goodbye?

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July, 11am-5pm.

Margate Washhouse, 30 High Street, Margate, CT9 1DS.

Global production of plastic stands at over 288 million tonnes per year, of which, 10% ends up in the ocean. Most of that – 80% – comes from land-based sources. Litter gets swept into drains, and then goes into rivers, and ends up in the sea. Scientists predicted in 2015 that nearly every seabird (99%) will have eaten plastic by 2050 because of marine pollution. Seabirds are now more threatened than any other group of birds.

‘Waving Goodbye?’ appears as a flock of red-coloured birds flying over the ocean and seashore. Pick one of the bird silhouettes as a place to commit your environmental pledge and become part of the artwork. What will you do to make a change for the better?


About the Artist

Born in Japan, Miyuki Kasahara graduated with an MA at Royal College of Art and is based in East London. Widely exhibited in the British Isles and abroad, her research is an exploration of the factors affecting the global environment, including the relationship between politics and society. Recent exhibitions include: Radical Love, The Crypt Gallery, London (2017), Beyond Words, John Milton Museum, Buckinghamshire (2016) and Now Play This, Somerset House, London (2016).

High Street 30
Margate CT9 1DS England GB
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Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July. 11am-5pm.