Paris is Burning Film Screening

Carlos Maria Romero and Ted Rogers

Join us for a screening of Jennie Livingston’s iconic 1990 documentary Paris is Burning as part of Margate is Burning: Vogue-Chi & Makeup – a whole afternoon of Vogue-Chi, a locally developed dance, including workshops and activities that expand its understanding and appreciation.

Paris is Burning chronicles the ball culture of New York City and the African-American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it. The film focuses on the “house” culture, which provides a sense of community and support for the flamboyant and often socially shunned performers who compete in elaborate balls that take cues from the world of fashion. 

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About Vogue-Chi

Vogue-Chi encourages its participants to fully find new versions of themselves whilst exploring unconventional beauty and shameless self indulgence in a loving and safe environment. It offers a gentle work out for the soul and a good ol’ stretch for the mind.

Vogue-Chi facilitates a spectrum of spiritual principles historically developed by LGBTQI+ people to engage positively in life and overcome institutionalised oppression, invisibilization and abuse. 

Vogue­-Chi was created in Margate for people aged 50+ by artists/dancers Ted Rogers & Carlos (Atabey) Maria Romero. With initial support by Ageless Thanet, a constant backing of Turner Contemporary, and more recently from Margate Pride, the sessions ran locally with huge success since February 2016. Vogue-Chi is now open to all, it is offered to school teachers and LGBTQ+ young persons, and starts in London in October.

Margate Arts Club, 276 Northdown Road
Margate CT9 2PT England GB
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18th September 6pm - 8pm