TOUCHING THE VOID: When the Physical Collides with the Virtual

Saturday 8th July – Sunday 6th August

CRATE Studio & Project Space, 1, Bilton Square
off High Street, 
Margate, CT9 1EE

You wake up and music fills the room. Your PC has identified your brain signals and coffee is brewing to your specifications. Later you put on your VR headset and leave the house. Amidst your view of the real world, avatars approach you. They greet you, meet you, inform you, warn you and sell to you. Are you ready? Are you ready for your future?

CRATE Studio and Project Space exhibit the work of eight artists who have responded to the theme ‘When the virtual and the real collide.’

Image: Edge of the Frame (still), Katie Hare.



CRATE is an artist-led organisation based in East Kent supporting contemporary visual artists’ research and practice. CRATE promotes critical debate and the exchange of ideas without prescribed outcomes.

Based in an old print works near the sea front in Margate, the building opened in July 2006.

The building combines working and project space and is designed to give artists access to dedicated, affordable space for experimentation, production, documentation and research.


About the Artists

John Butlers work is about human utility in an age of artificial indifference. He works with 3D animation, motion capture, digital audio and text to speech applications.

Clay Gold is a British sound recording artist with an interest in media and social cybernetics.

Katie Hare works in video, but also across performance, sound and text. Her work examines the effects of the increasing rapidity of technological progress.

Matthew Humphreys documentary video background informs his artistic practice. His camera catches the most intimate moments and transforms them into universally engaging themes.

Claire Manning work explores how collages are made and uses non-traditional approaches and construction methods to make a series of films, installations, assemblages, montages, and prints.

Nicholas Mortimer is working with transfictional methodologies. His works are mythological possibilities with a nod to cybernetic futures meshed with ancient symbolism.

Liv Pennington practice is concerned with the social management of the likeable female image. What happens when you perform, adjust and filter your appearance and behaviour for views and for likes?

Mildred Rambaud embraces a range of methods and approaches including painting and performance. Her work explores archetypal imagery, fragility and the impossible.

Bilton Square
Margate CT9 1EE England GB
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Saturday 8th July – Sunday 6th August 2017. Open 11am-5pm Friday – Sunday