People Dem Collective x Margate Festival 2020 Activation

THEME: Margate NOW

This year People Dem Collective will bring a new flavour & spice to Margate Festival.

In light of the current social awakening of the world to work towards change, we have agreed to curate this year’s festival.

Our Margate NOW 2020 activation is for our people dem, our Black, Brown & Diaspora communities, creating an opportunity that will allow you to showcase your work, develop skills & network with familiarity & comfort not often experienced. 

People Dem Collective encourage and support you at this important and historic moment to take up space, talk your talk, walk your walk and express yourself in the only way you know how.

DATES: Friday 25 September to Sunday 11 October 2020

LOCATIONS: Hidden and surprising spaces around Margate and online

ABOUT: People Dem Collective is a community group based in Margate. We facilitate systemic change, promote healing and continue the work of our ancestors. 

The leadership team are from Black, Brown & Diaspora communities in Thanet. The collective was born out of a lived experience of lack of space, engagement and inclusion for these communities.

Margate NOW 2020 is a multi-disciplinary arts festival that this year aims to increase our digital cultural activity and to deliver real-world, socially distanced experiences. We are committed to artistic excellence and promise. The programming team is drawn from a wide range of curators and practitioners who have past experience of supporting exciting projects. 

Looping the Loop Commission:

Applications open: Friday 17 July 2020

Applications close: Friday 14 August 2020, midday

Notifications to artists: Wednesday 19 August 2020

Looping the Loop is a Thanet-based organisation on a mission to make live performance available to everyone in Thanet. We programme nationally acclaimed shows, support local artists, run participatory workshops, create live events in unexpected spaces and pop up with our street theatre actors all over Thanet bringing laughter and mayhem, joy and belonging.

Back to The Future Part III: In collaboration with People Dem Collective and Margate Now, Looping the Loop are looking to commission Kent based artists to create live performances inspired by the theme Back to The Future. Theatre has been halted. What if it never comes back? What if it comes back differently? With social distancing still in play we’d like you to explore the alternative vision for what live performance could look like over the next few months and years. Headphone shows in empty car parks? Bespoke doorstep delivery services like our very own UPS? Queue theatre? Something as yet unimagined? If you think you have an answer and are keen to create it, we want to hear from you.

People Dem Collective & Looping the Loop will commission a proposal that meets both of their values and aims.

Margate Festival Values: The following values will be looked at when examining your proposal and decisions made based on these factors:-

  • Projects with a participatory approach
  • Projects that develop & build on links between different sectors of the community
  • A built in consideration of social distancing measures
  • Projects that propose new digital initiatives
  • Accessibility for those with disabilities
  • Equality and open access for those not represented in usual art forums
  • Projects that propose a sharing of skills and/or learning experiences
  • Use of hidden and surprising spaces
  • Environmental responsibility built into the planning of the proposal
  • Projects that actively consider the politics and theme of Margate NOW

Margate Festival & People Dem Collective takes the equality of opportunity as a fundamental value of our organisation and is committed to creating diverse and inclusive events.

DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by Friday 14 August for Looping the Loop commission.

We will be in touch by Wednesday 19 August.

Please find below the questions you will be asked in the form so you can prepare your answers.

About You:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Social Media Links
  • Summary of your practice (maximum 1000 characters including spaces)


  • If already funded either in whole, or part, please give details.
  • Project Title
  • Summary of project (max 1000 characters including spaces)
  • If in real life, please give information about the location you would like to use and whether use has been agreed
  • Demonstrate how you will include social engagement/encouraging others/community groups/building links across the community.
  • If you plan to work with specific groups/businesses/institutions please give more information about this. Have you already approached them? What agreement has been reached? Have you gained permissions?
  • Outline what measures you will take to make the project sustainable and environmentally responsible.
  • How will you take measures to ensure social distancing?
  • Accessibility: we expect artists to take accessibility into consideration within their proposal, please outline how you have done this.
  • What does Margate NOW mean to you?
  • Please upload 3 images to support your application.