Limbo: Plus One
Plus One_Limbo_ Margate Now Festival 2019

Limbo studio holders, working with invited guests, will make new collaborative work in projects running throughout the festival.

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Last Night At The Bingo: Leigh Clarke
Last Night at Bingo_Leigh Clarke_ Margate Now festival 2019

Large scale banner prints celebrating the Beacon Bingo Hall, which recently closed after 36 years of gathering locals in Margate.

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Collective Disturbance: Curated by Ruth Fox
Collective Disturbance_Ruth Fox_margate now festival 2019

Nine artists’ visionary perspectives on the huge shifts taking place in the world today, with work by Robert Montgomery, Ruth Fox, Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, Claire de Lune, Luke Vandenberg, Elizabeth Hunter, Samuel Eyles, Chris Moon and Helder Clara.

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The Welcome Chorus: Yuri Suzuki
The Welcome Chorus_Yuri Suzuki_Turner Contemporary _Margate NOW festival 2019 commission_Credit Pentagram

The Welcome Chorus brings together sound, sculpture and artificial intelligence (AI) in a new interactive outdoor installation and has been co-created with hundreds of people across Kent.

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Here, You Are Home: Zoe Murphy
Here You Are Home_Zoe Murphy_Margate now festival 2019

Drawn from stories of home and flown from a fixed point, this collection of fabric flags is always in motion.

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